The Imiriaran Cycle

Protagonist Smoke

Jasper does some scouting, but sees orcs in the woods and decides to wait for the rest of the party. After what has probably been a couple weeks back in the village, they are finally able to head back to see what’s happened to their families.

They find the place ravaged. No one is alive. Strange and evil rites have been done to the corpses. While the group is trying to deal with this emotionally, Goblins attack.

The party manages to kill the incoming goblins, Val and Crispin taking the majority of the abuse. A second group of goblins comes in and the party deals with them as well, but Hannah is injured when she fumbles her blow, taking a painful and debilitating wound. Arianna takes the wound, but when she tries to heal it, the magic roars out of control, almost killing her. She loses her ability to cast spells and might very well have given herself a stroke.

The final wave of monsters includes orcs and a titan, driving Jasper off in terror. The party manages to fight off this last waves, but they are damaged and have no healer. Arianna gives them some standard medical attention with herbs.

They gather the bodies into the inn with the intention of cremating them all at once, when they see a stag-headed person on a stag, flanked by huge wolves. It has stopped on the edge of the village. They approach and find out that this is one of the hunt masters of the Wild Hunt, which has returned to the world. He can’t enter the village, and this is probably the origin of the yule festival, where people traditionally spend two weeks sequestered with family starting on Winter Solstice.

Upon learning that the party has killed 2,000 orcs during the Wild Hunt, the hunt master gives them a horn, telling them that if they blow it, he will come. The first time, he’ll be on their side, but after that, if they blow it again, they’ll be the prey.

The party decides not to burn the bodies or leave the village until the Hunt is over the next day. With that decision, the session ended.



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