The Imiriaran Cycle

Snow on the Cairn

The session opens with Vincent sneaking into the cairn. Jasper lights a lantern but fumbles the first round. Val goes left to guard their backs and Talinor follows. Fritigern fumbles a spell, leaving her behind. The others go right from the cairn entrance. Arianna take the lantern.

Hannah proves that the rest of them are complete n00bs at killing orcs. The guys on the right cut through the orcs and come around, Vincent and Rosa flanking the orcs Val is fighting as a troll comes out of the central room. They take down the troll move into the central room. There they kill orcs on each side. Mostly a mop up.

Vincent, Crispin, and Rosa go downstairs and find 2,000 orcs, still asleep. Grimly they begin cutting all the throats. Eventually everyone joins but Arianna, but she comes down for the light. She also points out that the stasis must be dissolving, not completely dissolved, because time is moving more slowly downstairs.

Jasper, worried, goes outside and looks around. There’s smoke coming from their village, which has certainly had days pass by now. But only about half the orcs have been killed.

Does Jasper head off to investigate the village, or wait for the party, which could be many more days due to the stasis?

With that question, the session ended.



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