The Imiriaran Cycle

Talinor is Tardy

The game opens ten years ago, the last time they played together as children. They will all be given to the church eventually, but Valeron is oldest and tomorrow is his choosing. This is their last game.

The battle takes place on an earthen berm. The dirty Myrans have invaded, bent on taking their women and probably their dogs. The Myran’s opening move was to put all the adults to sleep, and now the PCs must defend what they hold dear.

The battle is pitched and they lay into the evil Myran troops, which have somehow summoned the orcs out of their eternal sleep in the cairns. The fight is pitched, but our heroes are winning, until disaster strikes. Valeron asks Hannah what she sees and she grimly tells them its a dragon carrying ogre riders.

Val and Rosa lay into the dragon while Crispin and Hannah guard their backs. Vincent is injured (that is, he got dirty) and Talinor is blasting left and right with spells, until he decides that he wants attention from Arianna and so gets “injured” himself.

Meanwhile the game has gotten too real and Jasper begins crying at the word that ogres are involved. ?Hannah? convinces him that it’s all in his head. Eventually they slay the dragon. Hannah rolls in the dirt and chases Vincent off toward home, threatening to give him a dusty hug. The game is over and their lives will never be the same.

Ten years later, Crispin has come home for Yule. He ends up waiting an inordinately long time for anyone else to show up because Talinor is a terrible procrastinator. I mean like two hours extra. Talinor knew this was coming for at least a week. Seriously, what’s up with that?

One by one they arrive and settle in the big walk-in fireplace in the inn of Marliss. When Val shows up, he’s wearing full mithril armor, brilliant and silver. Vincent tells him Crispin didn’t want to travel in his gold armor and Vincent himself left his platinum armor back in the city. The only one not there is Arianna, but they are assured that she got tired of waiting for Talinor and went off to the cairn to meditate. When she returns, she throws down a flower that had been locked inside the stasis of the cairn for a thousand years. The spell on the cairn has somehow broken, and they are the only Church people for miles.

They walk out to the cairn and discover that where it was once eternal springtime, it’s now winter. They pry open the door, only to get shot at by creatures inside.

“Who armed them?” Valeron yells. He takes umbrage that the Church would capture enemy evil creatures, lock them away for all eternity, and give them weapons.

Because of Talinor’s procrastination, however, they will have to wait to go inside.



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