Spell Lists

Spell List Notes:

The primary difference in spell lists is that only healers can heal. Healing require a basic element of self sacrifice that requires the wounds be moved to one’s self before treatment. This takes several spell lists away from other classes and dictates that all healing spells must be learned from the Healer Base Lists.

It’s interesting to note that healing via laying on hands is still possible through divine intervention (though very rare). In addition, it seemed to be possible before Salius‘s sacrifice, and probably a while afterwards, via the Arcane Healing list. This ability has not survived the breaking of God’s power into three realms.

After the banishing of the Priest Most Foul, the above Holy Orders were formed. They have spent years refine their power into the three realms of magic. Though Arcane Magic probably exists in the ancient places of the world, a thousand years of holy wars have taken it from the orders.

Except as noted below, raising the dead is only possible through divine intervention, and always has been. Only God has that power.

Herbs are prevalent, however. They can’t raise the dead, but they turn an Animist into a healer in a pinch.

Changing Spells:

With the exception of the Animist and Ranger Spells, any spells which allow the user to change shape are disallowed. This can only be achieved through illusion.

General Spell List Replacements and Notes:

Animist Animal Mastery: Animal Restoration works as a Transfer Spell. Animal Revival spells do not work at all. Animal Summoning spells still require travel on the part of the animal.

Cleric Life Mastery: Replace with Holy Symbol.

Cleric Summons: Replace with Holy Light.

Cleric Repulsions: Works against demons too.

Paladin Holy Healing: Replace with Crusade.

Ranger Inner Walls: Since none of the spells involve actual healing, they stand as is.

Dabbler Movement Mastery: Glide and Windwalking are not allowed. They are replace with Seven League Step I and III (See Below).

Monk Body Renewal: Replace with Elemental Shields.

Monk Monk’s Bridge: Levitation is dropped, as is Breezerunning. Leaving is replaced with Seven League Step I and III. These have the same effects of the spells they replace, however, the monk just sort of steps from one location to another. The effect is disturbing to watch.

Magent (for the Enemies) Escapes: Leave Item is not appropriate. The long door are dropped. The Leavings should be changed to Seven League Steps (See above). Teleport I is replaced with Seven League Steps. This allows the caster to travel, on foot, at 10 times normal movement (distance running can be used.) The Duration is 1 Hour/Level. This effect is very disturbing and alien to those who see him pass.

Runemage Commanding Will: Dismiss/Banish is still taught, thought it hasn’t been used in centuries. There is a 100% chance, -5% per attempt, that it will fail. Once it works, the caster has a handle on it.

Mythic The Will: Replace with Divine Magic.

Armsmaster Martial Law: Flight and mass flight are out. Rapid Deployment works through compelling force and haste abilities, but the effects are unchanged.

Armsmaster Warrior Law: Fast Clotting and Pain relief are not available.

Spell Lists

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