The Lightbringer Revelations

The Lightbringer Revelations

Comes a Shepherd

When the land has died a thousand times,
When the herald’s glass has broke,
When nations burn with awful plagues,
When the teardrop’s doom’s awoke,
Then hence will come the Lightbringer,
To throw off the evil’s yoke.

He will break the lowly beggar’s cup.
He will break the shepherd’s crook.
He will don the mighty armor bright.
The hammer will be took,
And fall like brightest star of dawn.
To shatter pawn and rook.

He will gather henchmen mighty,
To aid him in his cause.
Forces strong and armored true,
To fight the evil’s laws.
Humble born and spirit true,
Wrest men from First Born’s claws.

The lady knight, the sword of might,
To dole out crippling pain.
The priestess true, the wand’ring Hand
To fight infernal flame.
The lady true of sacrifice,
Who’s love will mend the lame.

A Holy Knight, his champion,
With aid of mighty sword.
The lady nature, sure of paths
To mend what Dark One tore
Their number, purpose, holiness.
They’ll soon be joined by more.

The maker great, the Love of God
Who’s mind will magic tame
The Hidden Eye, dark Daggerdeath
To strike in Church’s name.
The tiny one, the lord of laughs
To spread the bringer’s fame.

Into the burning cairn they’ll go,
Slaying beasts of foulest night.
Into First Born’s Lair they’ll wend,
Wielding greatness for the right.
They’ll fall and see they’re brightest blood
Spill beyond they’re wretched sight.

To save the Jewel they’ll venture forth,
through Night Lords’s deadly cold.
They’ll rally spears and fists so bright,
To march toward days of old.
Their fortunes won, the Jewel restored,
They’ll revert unto the fold.

The Lightbringer Revelations

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